The Most Powerful and Advanced Software To Scrape And Publish Posts On Facebook Pages

Do you feel overwhelmed when you consider the work and resources involved in updating your pages with fresh content ? You can maximise the use of your time now by using a viable, effective and efficient option. Mr. Squirrel is here to do the job for you.

  • Support all post types: Video, Photo, Album, GIF, Status and Link post.
  • Advanced Filters provides many features for post filtering.
  • Run on complete autopilot.
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Ultimate Control Over Your Complete Autopilot

  • Scrape Posts from Multiple Pages

    Scrape Posts from Unlimited Number of Pages. Regularly Scrape newly published posts.

  • Publish Posts on Multiple pages

    It dose not matter how many pages you manage, Mr. Squirrel will keep them all updated with fresh content.

  • Advanced Delay Control

    The Advanced Delay Control allows you to set a Delay for Scraping new posts and for post Publishing.

  • Scrape Different Types of Posts

    Mr. Squirrel can scrape all types of posts:  Status, Photos, Albums, Images, Video, Links.

  • Detailed Statistics

    Keep track of what, when and where a post is published. Keep track of the various actions that take place within the Squirrel Post Scraper Software.

  • Advanced Filters

    The Advanced Filter provides many features for post filtering. Filtered posts will not be published on your pages.

The software has completely transformed the way I do marketing. Before Squirrel Scraper my day was filled with pulling all the levers and pushing all the buttons to make my marketing work. Now I focus on strategy by building workflows and tweaking them to perfection.

Khaled Slama Khaled Slama
Marketing Automation Specialist

Improve Organic Reach

Keep your Facebook pages updated with fresh and high quality posts and Improve Organic Reach at the same time.


Scrape Unlimited Number Of Pages

Mr. Squirrel can scrape contents from unlimited number of Facebook pages. You will be able to scrape contents from multiple pages that are relevant to your page content.

Publish On Unlimited Number Of Pages

It dose not matter how many Facebook pages you want to keep updated: Mr. Squirrel Support unlimited number of pages, and will keep them all updated with fresh, high quality and relevant content.

Control The Flow

Set program-wide options to control both scraping and publishing functions.  Include Maximum Limits, Delay for Scraping and Publishing and, limit the scraping to just the selected post types.

Apply various filters to the scraped posts before they are published on your pages. Remove unwanted content from posts, namely:  photos, links, hashtags and emojis. You can do this specifically by post type. You can also replace or remove certain words as well as append text to posts.
Why Don't My Facebook Fans See My Posts?

Why Don't My Facebook Fans See My Posts?

Facebook algorithm will decrease the Organic Reach automatically if it is noticed that the page does not publish posts for a short period of time.  This is not good for page owners as this will decrease sales and result in loss of customers. For this reason, page owners keep their Facebook pages updated by constantly publishing new posts.

Mr. Squirrel is here to solve all these problems! Mr. Squirrel will help you increase fan engagement and organic reach by keeping your page(s) updated with new, high quality, and relevant content with powerful control over what is published on your page(s). Mr. Squirrel runs on complete autopilot. Just adjust your settings, and Mr. Squirrel will do the rest! The time you save can be used on more pleasurable things instead of being busy on just publishing new content to your pages.

  • 1

    Increase Your Daily Productivity

    Have you thought of how much time you spend on publishing new content on your pages? or how much effort it takes for you to keep your pages updated with fresh content?. You can save this time and increase your daily productivity instead of doing this daily routine. Mr. Squirrel is here to efficiently handle all this for you.

  • 2

    Set Back And Relax

    Once you have adjusted your settings, Mr. Squirrel will take care of the rest, from scraping to publishing, including any errors that might occur! You might be wondering, “what if an unwanted post is published on my page!”. Uh, this, most likely, will never happen. With the Advanced Filters you can create filters to exclude unwanted contents. In other words, "Set it and forget!". Yes, it is that simple!.

  • 3

    Lead Advanced Filters

    The Advanced Filters allows you to apply various filters to the scraped posts before they are published on your pages. These removes unwanted content from posts, namely; photos, links, hashtags and emojis; and allows you to do so specifically by post type. You can also replace or remove certain words, as well as append text to your posts.

  • 4

    Friendly User Interface

    Squirrel Post Scraper has a nice and friendly interface. You can easily discover the features and all settings, even if you did not have any knowledge before.

Get Things Done Faster, and More Easily!

Run Completely on Autopilot

Filter Unwanted Posts!

Prevent The Decline Of Organic Facebook Reach

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Our Pricing Is Simple

  • Scrape Multiple Pages
  • Publish On Multiple Pages
  • Scrape Photo
  • Scrape Album
  • Scrape GIF
  • Scrape Video
  • Scrape Link
  • Scrape Status
  • Advanced Delay Control
  • Set Limits
  • Filter Links
  • Filter Emojis
  • Filter Hashtag
  • Append Text to Post
  • Remove Post description
  • Filter Post description
  • Remove Photo Metadata



One-time Payment

$99.5 $79.99

The software helps me to keep my Facebook pages active without any effort on my part, I am completely satisfied with the software.

Aslan Bahadir Aslan Bahadir
Social Media Specialist

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Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

Q1) What are the minimum system requirements to run the software? +

Minimum system requirements to run Squirrel Post Scraper software is:

Operating System: Windows 7 or Higher.

CPU: 1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) processor

Ram: 128Mb

Storage: 11.5 Mb

Additional requirements:

Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5
Internet connection of at least 512/Kb speed

Q3) Is the software fully functional in Demo mode? +

The demo license enables the full functionality of the Squirrel Post Scraper software.

Q4) Do I have to register a facebook app? +

You are not required to register a Facebook App, You can authorize using multiple ways including trusted-third party Apps, or by providing manually a valid access token, however , it's possible to use own Facebook App.

Q5) Will facebook ban my account? +

Facebook will not ban your account.  This method of scraping and publishing is completely legally. We use Facebook API to scrape and publish contents which is a legal way to use Facebook services.

Q6) Can I run the software on VPS ? +

You can run the software on any VPS that is runs on Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 2008, Windows 2012.

Q7) Can I use the same license on all my computers? +

The license is valid for only one computer.  You will need to purchase a separate license for each additional computer that requires the software.  Therefore, if you wish to use the software on another computer, you will need to purchase a separate license to run the software on that computer.

Q8) Can I run multiple instances of the software? +

Yes, You can run multiple instances of Squirrel Post Scraper at the same time.

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