Squirrel Post Scraper Pro

Getting Started


Squirrel Post Scraper is application that facilitates the scraping, filtering and publishing of Facebook posts; Running on complete autopilot.

Squirrel Post Scraper makes it easy to:

  • Automatically collect posts from a list of source pages.
  • Filter posts by various metrics, including post type and content.
  • Automatically modify posts by adding or removing text and media.
  • Publish posts to your own pages with a variety of options.

In this manual, we'll go over the basic operation of the application, covering everything necessary to get you started effortlessly scraping and publishing posts.

The Application


This is the main page of the program. From here you are provided an overview of the application's status, as well as the options necessary to control its basic operation.

The various sections and their functions are as follows, beginning at the top left,

Control Panel
This contains the application's start, pause and stop buttons.

This describes the application's overall status, the expected values are as follows,

  • Ready: The application is ready and waiting to begin.
  • Scheduled: The application is scheduled scrape and/or publish at a certain time.
  • Fetching new posts: The application is attempting to fetch new posts from the source pages.
  • Publishing a new post: The application is attempting to publish a new post on the current page in the queue.
  • Network Unavailable: The internet connection is currently unavailable, or the application is unable to connect to Facebook at this time. Once a connection is established, the application will continue what it was doing beforehand.

This section lists a few statistics on how the application is performing,

  • Posts on hold: The total number of posts waiting to be published, times the number of pages being published to.
  • Unique posts on hold: The current number of posts in the queue.
  • Published: The total number of posts published.

My Pages

This section lists your current Facebook pages, and allows you to select which ones will be published to. Authorisation is required to post to Facebook.

There are three ways you can get authorised,

  1. Provide your Facebook App details (OAuth)
  2. Login using a trusted third-party Facebook App (OAuth)
  3. Enter the Facebook Access Token manually

Only pages marked as "enabled" will be posted to.

Source Pages

This is the list of Facebook pages that will be scraped. Here you can add new pages, export current pages, import saved pages, or clear all pages.


This is the application's general settings page. Here you can set program-wide options to control how both scraping and publishing functions.

This allows you to control the program limits.
  • Max posts to scrape: This is the maximum number of posts collected at a time from any one page. For instance, if the value is set to "1", the scraper will only collect one post from each source page at a time.
  • Max posts to publish: This is the maximum number of posts that will be published for this session. For example, if the value is set to "5", the program will automatically stop posting once it's published five posts.
Delay - Scrape new posts
This is how often the application will check for new posts. If set to 5 minutes, for example, it will wait five minutes before each attempt to collect new posts.
Delay - Publish posts
This allows you to control how often the application publishes to your pages. There are two types of delays.
  • Primary Delay: The amount of time to wait between each publish cycle (all pages).
  • Secondary Delay: The amount of time to wait between posting to individual page.
Post Type
Limit scraping to only the selected post types.


The filters page allows you to apply various filters to the scraped posts before it's published on your pages. As you can see, the page is split into two sections, "Cleanup" and "Patterns", each providing related but distinct filtering options.

Filters: Cleanup

The first section deals with removing unwanted content from posts, namely photos, links, hashtags and emojis; and it allows you to do so specifically by post type. Simply check the box for each post type you would like to apply that filter to.

The various filters are as follows,

Remove Post Description
Removes the description from any scraped posts of the selected types.
Remove Links from Post Description
Removes all links from the description for any scraped posts of the selected types.
Remove Hashtag from Post Description
Removes all hashtags from the description for any scraped posts of the selected types.
Remove Emoji from Post Description
Removes all emoji from the description for any scraped posts of the selected types.

Filters: Patterns

The second section of the filters pages allows you to replace or remove certain words, as well as append text to your posts.

Event Log

This page is simply a log for all the various actions that take place within Squirrel Post Scraper, including any errors that might occur.

License Info

Here you can view and update your license information for Squirrel Post Scraper, as well as revoke the current license if you so choose.